Facial Fillers: Juvederm ® and Juvederm ® XC

As we age, fine lines, wrinkles and folds naturally develop on our faces. This is especially true if you’re an expressive person. If you’ve looked in the mirror and decided that you are done with the deep folds and wrinkles, but you aren’t interested in an invasive procedure with a long recovery time, like a face lift, you may want to consider facial fillers or cosmetic fillers. There are a few options out there for you and these safe and minimally invasive procedures often don’t need any recovery time.

If you’re looking for immediate results, you may want to consider a treatment called Juvederm®. Juvederm® is an injectable gel made of a material called hyaluronic acid which actually occurs naturally in your skin. In this case, additional gel is injected throughout the face and the hyaluronic acid adds volume and hydration. Juvederm ® is particularly effective around the mouth, where people often develop lines and folds from smiling and frowning. These lines can go from the sides of your nose all the way down around the sides of your mouth.

Juvederm ® is not only instantaneous but actually lasts for up to one year, from only one treatment. Now, the company that developed Juvederm ® has introduced Juvederm ® XC, which is a formulation that was designed to increase patient comfort during procedures. Juvederm ® XC is actually formulated with an anesthetic included, so that as the patient is being injected, the patient feels minimal discomfort.

The injection procedure literally takes about 15 minutes. Of course, it is recommended that you should always have cosmetic fillers or facial fillers injected by a well regarded dermatology practice, with well trained medical professionals. As with all cosmetic enhancements, there is an artistry to using cosmetic fillers and Juvederm ® XC is no different. Choose your dermatologist wisely for the best possible results.

One of the most popular aspects of Juvederm® and Juvederm® XC is that there is no recovery time. In fact, many patients that seek treatment are back to their life the same day, feeling more youthful and more confident than ever.

So if you are seeking an immediate treatment for lines and folds on your face, that can last up to one year and requires minimal recovery time, Juvederm ® XC may very well be the solution you’ve been looking for. Talk to your board certified dermatologist today about Juvederm® and Juvederm® XC.

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