How Do You Know Which Acne Treatment is Best for You?

Acne is one of the most prevalent, and noticeable, skin conditions that affects roughly 80% of people, usually during young adulthood, although it can still persist into later adulthood. With a plethora of over-the-counter and prescription treatments, not to mention home remedies, it can be daunting, and expensive, trying to figure out which acne treatment will work for you.

Here are some steps you can take to narrow down your search:

Step One: Educate Yourself
Knowing how to describe your skin — oily, combination, or dry — can come in handy when searching for products or describing your skin to a dermatologist. Knowing what acne treatment you need will also be contingent on knowing what kinds of acne you have. Did you know that there is a difference between blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic acne? There are several different types of acne, and knowing which type you are dealing with will help you select the best acne treatment. It’s also important to know the primary ingredients used in different treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, and how those affect different skin types. Some treatments may be more drying, which can aggravate flaky skin!

Step Two: Get to Know Your Skin
Whether you plan to explore different acne treatments at home or see a dermatologist, it is important to keep track of your skin. Using a daily journal, make notes of foods you’ve eaten, if you’ve exercised, and how often you wash your face. Most importantly, note what products you are using on your face and what reaction your skin is having. While you may not have the expertise to determine which factors are connected, a dermatologist may be able to use the information to help you select the best treatment for your unique skin.

Step Three: See a Dermatologist
Ultimately, the most efficient way to determine the best treatment for your acne is to see an expert. Having knowledge of acne and its treatments and understanding your own skin will help you communicate with a dermatologist, who can then use their expertise to narrow your best treatment options down. Dermatologists have spent years studying skin, so don’t waste your time trying every fad acne solution in the books! If you are ready to move on to this step in your acne-treatment journey, get in touch with us for a consultation! We are always ready to help.

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