Newport Beach and San Juan Capistrano Locations offering SculpSure

Body Shape has a powerful impact on our minds. Our feelings, when we look in the mirror, are a personal experience that can have a profound impact on our daily lives and self-perception. Are you exhausted of trying to achieve your dream body shape OR your taste buds are drooling for that fat burger, you cannot enjoy because of the fear of making your love handles a little chubbier?

Jeffrey Klein, M.D., Inc now proudly introduce a non-invasive fat reducing laser “SculpSure” in San Juan Capistrano and Newport Beach.

“The damsel in distress”

SCULPSURE, a non-surgical body contouring technique, is the Latest and the first FDA approved, non-invasive, permanent hyperthermic fat removing laser that is designed for up to 24% reduction in stubborn fat. This non-invasive contouring technique helps you achieve a slimmer appearance without the need for any surgery, downtime, or anesthesia. A mere 25 minute session will reduce up to 2-3 inches of stubborn fat from any of your problematic area.

How does SculpSure melt away up to 24 % of the targeted fat? Does this same question arise in your mind too?

The answer is simple; this state of the art technology uses a 1060 nm laser, which penetrates through your skin, without harming the skin itself because it has a very high affinity for adipose (fat) tissue, heating up the fat cells and subcutaneous tissue to a critical temperature of 45-47 degrees centigrade. This highly efficient hyperthemic system disrupts the fat cells by inducing a non-inflammatory apoptotic response (accelerated natural cell death); the dead cells are then eliminated slowly by your body’s natural immune system.

SculpSure, the non-invasive laser treatment is specifically designed to protect your skin from the heating effect of laser. Skin cooling and a special proprietary algorithm of turning on and off the laser energy and varying the pulse duration renders the treatment very comfortable, eliminating the painful temperature spikes. Contoured body is visible at about 6 weeks and optimal results are evident around 12 weeks. Unlike other traditional fat reduction techniques, SculpSure offers the benefit of skin tightening. Say bye to all the stubborn fat without compromising your skin laxity.
SculpSure laser liposuction is safer than traditional incision liposuction as it is a non-invasive, no anesthesia requirement, no surgical incision, no bruising and most importantly, no recovery or down time. A noninvasive procedure is always safer, better and a wiser option.

Currently, SculpSure is FDA approved for abdomen and flank area. However, this simple, flexible, and efficient treatment system can be attached on other body parts like outer and inner thighs, arms, and inner knees. Due to its quality of skin tightening, SculpSure is becoming a popular choice among USA citizens.

Is your busy schedule or hectic office work impending you and your dream body shape?

No need to worry now, SculpSure is the best choice for all the busy people out there. You can have this procedure even in your lunch break and later go back to your daily routine, just like that.

The most important question that arises is where to find the best facility for this non-invasive fat reduction technique?

Introducing Jeffrey Klein, M.D., Inc a leading dermatology practice in San Juan Capistrano and Newport Beach, offering board certified dermatologic procedures specializing in SculpSure, cosmetic surgeries and skin cancer treatment. Dr Klein’s team performs hundreds of cosmetic procedures every day at their state-of-the-art fully accredited center.

Dr Jeffey Klein’s clinic focuses on improving the external body while ensuring good mental health of the patients as well as having realistic expectations about the procedure. His welcoming team at San Juan Capistrano and Newport Beach consists of Board certified specialists and expert registered nurses who are committed to quality and safety in every aspect of the customized treatment program. Dr Klein performs multiple cosmetic procedures everyday including SculpSure, Tumescent Liposuction and continues to adopt latest technologies of the advanced era.

Dr Jeffrey Klein proudly announces his outstandingly high rates of patient satisfaction, making his clinic one of the region’s top cosmetic procedure destinations. Unparalleled standard of care before, during and after your procedure ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your journey with his team. The teams of experienced and dedicated specialists provide you tailored treatment plans that will refresh your look and give you back your self-confidence. His practice reflects this understanding through helping men and women achieve their own individual vision of beauty, with fully proportionate and natural looking results for different areas of body.

It is all about looking elegant and feeling great and Dr. Jeffrey Klein and his team destines to make it possible for you.

Discover the advanced technology deployed at Dr Klein dermatological associates and ensure that you will always have the best possible treatment. We care about you and look forward to see you soon.

Let’s work together to achieve a SLIMMER California!

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