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4 Common Skincare Myths

We all want to have youthful, glowing and flawless skin. As it turns out, many of us are willing to go to great lengths in order to achieve this goal, spending hundreds of dollars annually on skincare products and beauty treatments.

The internet is full of skincare information, making it easier than ever to gain the knowledge necessary in order to maintain gorgeous skin. However, not all of this information is correct. There is an endless amount of skincare myths floating around that simply aren’t true. Even worse, many common skincare myths are dangerous and can damage your skin beyond repair.

Common Skincare Myths
1. You Don’t Need Sunscreen During the Cold Months
Just because you can’t feel the sun beating down on your face doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. UV radiation doesn’t go into hibernation during the colder months.

By now, we all know about the dangers of sun damage. At the very best, it ages the skin prematurely, resulting in sun spots and fine lines. At the very worst, it can result in skin cancer. The rule of thumb is that if you’re leaving your house, put sunscreen on.

2. Anyone Can Extract Their Own Blackheads
We know how tempting it is to squeeze out those pesky little blackheads as soon as we see them. However, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can easily cause the pore to become infected and even break the delicate capillaries around the affected area. When it comes to extractions, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

3. Always Buy Expensive Skincare Products
In many cases, expensive skincare products are just the result of fancy packaging and clever marketing. If you compare the list of ingredients of an expensive skincare product with a drugstore skincare product, you’ll often find that the ingredients aren’t that far off from each other.

Plus, many expensive skincare products use costly fragrances that can actually irritate the skin, aggravating existing conditions like acne and excessive dryness.

4. A Coarse Scrub Will Keep Skin Healthy
Many people use rough physical scrubs to clean their face each day. The problem is that many of these scrubs use tiny scrubbing agents that have jagged edges. These jagged edges tear small holes in the skin’s surface, inviting more bacteria into the pores. When it comes to exfoliating, stick to chemical scrubs that gently remove dead skin cells and other impurities.

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to know fact from fiction so that you don’t risk aggravating your skin. The best way to ensure that your skincare routine is on point is to visit a dermatologist regularly. A licensed dermatologist can help you address a variety of common skin-related problems. To properly achieve beautiful, glowing skin, schedule a consultation with us today.

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