Facial and Cosmetic Fillers: Restylane® and Restylane®-L

One of the fastest, safest and easiest ways to restore youthful fullness to the face, is the effective use of facial fillers or cosmetic fillers. With a short treatment time and minimal healing time, many of these treatments can last upwards of one year, helping women and men to feel confident and less self conscious due to wrinkles and folds that develop on the face over time. If you smile a lot, or frown, you naturally develop wrinkles and folds over time. Some people are much more susceptible to sagging skin and deep folds than others, and these cosmetic fillers can do wonders and take years off your face without surgery.

Restylane® is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is injected into the face with a tiny needle and it effectively reduces folds and wrinkles around the face. Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance that naturally occurs in the skin, which is why Restylane ® is particularly effective at treating specific areas of the face, including the laugh lines that extend from the side of the nose, down towards the mouth, the “marionette lines” which extend from the side of the mouth down the chin, the lipstick lines which occur directly over the lips and treatment of the wrinkles that develop at the corner of the mouth.

Restylane® recommends what they call the Restylane® Regimen which involves a first treatment with a follow up treatment between 4 ½ and 9 months later. With this regimen, patients typically see results lasting up to 18 months from initial treatment. Now Restylane ® is also available for lip enhancement, so if you’re interested in fuller and more beautiful lips, you should also consider Restylane® for natural, fuller looking, fabulous lips.

As with all cosmetic fillers, facial fillers or lip enhancement products, you should make sure that you’re treated by a trained and certified medical professional. Visiting a well regarded dermatology practice will ensure your safety and your health, as well and helping you to attain better results.

You’ll also want to learn about Restylane®-L . Many people are concerned about pain and discomfort when they get a facial filler or cosmetic fillers, so Restylane ®-L was developed. Restylane ®, augmented with lidocaine, ensures minimal discomfort and pain during treatment and for up to an hour after treatment.

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