Lip Care for Every Season

Changing seasons call for a transition in your skin care routine, and what flesh is more delicate than your lips? Take special care to change your lip care year-round and you’ll be whistling comfortably and smiling widely all the year through.

Winter air can be brutal on the tender skin covering our lips. Ten times more sensitive than the skin covering the rest of our body, the lips are especially susceptible to harsh climate extremes. Resist the urge to lick your lips and lube them up with balm instead. Avoid drying ingredients like menthol and eucalyptus and try coconut oil or petroleum jelly.

As spring blooms and the weather clears, you are not free of hazards to your lips. Ice, snow and chilly weather subside, but winds and allergens pick up. Kick off the season with a simple mixture of honey and sugar for a tasty exfoliate to get your mouth to ground zero. Any number of irritants can impact your lips, so immediately after exfoliating, cover them in a protective balm and keep your hands and tongue off. As fashion trends and colors change for the season, take stock of old makeup; glosses should be replaced every 18-24 months and lipsticks and lip liners need to be replaced every year.

Just as in winter, summer brings about the kind of extreme conditions that impact your oral and skin health. When the mercury rises, your lips can burn if left unprotected. Vacations to the beach and pool bring about promises of salty water and air and chlorine. These can be especially drying to delicate lips. Defend your smackers with a balm that contains at least 30 SPF and reapply often and liberally and take advantage of the natural humidity, which should keep the lips moist and reduce the urge to lick them.

Autumn is a great opportunity to exfoliate your lips after the summer damage you have been unable to avoid. If you experience extreme reactions to severe weather, consider using a humidifier at night to give your weary lips a rest. They do not secrete oil the way the rest of your body’s skin does, and therefore can dry out quickly. Resist the urge to pick at chapped lips as this can leave them damaged and exposed to potential infection. Continue with your SPF and moisture and keep your mouth in good order to prepare for the less forgiving winter weather.

As the seasons pass, do not forget to care specifically for your lips during your skincare routine. After all, they are the window to your smile. Remember to prepare, moisturize, exfoliate, protect and defend your lips, whatever the season dictates.


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