Tri-Luma Cream Offers New Hope To Melasma Sufferers

Tri-Luma Cream Offers New Hope To Melasma Sufferers
Each year, there are more than 200,000 new cases of melasma, a condition noted for causing brown patches to appear on the skin of the face. Previously, treatment options were limited, but patients with melasma have been offered new hope. Tri-Luma Cream may finally be able to manage those blemishes more fully than sufferers could ever have imagined.

What is Tri-Luma Cream?
Newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Tri-Luma offers the most effective treatment against melasma, because it incorporates the powerful active ingredients in one cream. Other treatments have contained just two active ingredients, limiting the effectiveness on patients’ blemishes. This new formula is able to reduce blemishes in cases of moderate to severe melasma within an 8-week time frame, giving sufferers of the condition relief much faster than other skin therapies.

The triple combination compound consists of:

Patients using Tri-Luma are encouraged to limit their exposure to the sun. Sun screen and protective clothing is highly recommended, while using the treatment. While the cream isn’t a cure, it has proven effective in managing the blemishes that appear as a result of melasma.

How Effective Is Tri-Luma Cream?
Any new drug prompts countless questions and concerns from patients interested in pursuing the new treatment. Tri-Luma is no different and, among the most widely asked questions, people want to know about it’s effectiveness. To answer that, it should first be noted that the cream is a prescription drug and can only be obtained through one’s doctor, or a referred dermatologist.
During clinical trials, moderate to severe melasma patients experienced changes within four weeks. By eight weeks, most patients in the test group had experienced some improvement over two separate studies. In the first study, 38% of patients had their blemishes completely eliminated and 13% in another study also achieved complete reversal of melasma. However, once the Tri-Luma therapy was discontinued, symptoms of melasma reappeared, unless the initial cause of the condition (taking birth control pills and overexposure to sunlight) are eliminated.

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