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Dr. Jeffrey Klein

Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein is a medical and surgical dermatologist practicing in San Juan Capistrano, California, at HK Dermatology. Dr. Klein has been a practicing dermatologist for nearly 40 years and is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology (UC Irvine), the American Board of Internal Medicine UCLA), and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. In addition, Dr. Klein has completed a National Institute of Health Research Fellowship in Clinical Pharmacology as well as advanced degrees in mathematics and biostatistics (UC Berkeley). Dr. Klein is a graduate of the University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF) School of Medicine. Dr. Klein is a clinical professor of Dermatology at UC Irvine.

Dr. Klein devotes a significant portion of his professional research activities to clinical research involving medical dermatology, tumescent drug delivery for dermatologic diseases, and the clinical pharmacology of lidocaine local anesthesia. He is currently pursuing research for treating patients with the most severe pain of acute shingles (Herpes zoster) and chronic postherpetic neuralgia. He has developed a technique for painless subcutaneous injection of tumescent lidocaine acyclovir (aka ZosterRx). In patients with acute painful shingles, ZosterRx abruptly eliminates the shingles pain and arrests the progression of the rash.

Dr. Klein has made groundbreaking medical advances in the dermatologic community. Dr. Klein is the inventor of tumescent lidocaine anesthesia (TLA), which is now the worldwide standard of care for liposuction and many other plastic surgical procedures. Dr. Klein’s innovative liposuction technique was the first of its kind, allowing surgeons to prevent significant surgical blood loss often associated with general anesthesia operations. Virtually every plastic surgeon and dermatologic surgeon uses the “Klein solution” for large surgeries involving skin or subcutaneous fat.

Dr. Klein first described the tumescent technique for liposuction at a scientific meeting in 1986 and published his result in the Journal of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in 1987. Prior to 1986, all liposuction surgeries were done under general anesthesia, were associated with significant surgical blood loss and prolonged postoperative recovery of two or more weeks.

The advent of Tumescent Liposuction permitted liposuction to be done totally by local anesthesia with virtually no blood loss. The Klein technique for Tumescent Liposuction is less painful and far more effective than CoolSculpt.

Within a few years, tumescent liposuction became the worldwide standard of care. If you do a Google search for: “Jeffrey Klein” Liposuction, you will encounter more than 10,000 listings. More than 800 surgeons from around the world have traveled to San Juan Capistrano to attend Dr. Klein’s tumescent liposuction course known as Liposuction 101. In addition, Dr. Klein continues to be active in research and teaching at the University of California, Irvine.

At HK Dermatology, safety and patient comfort are Dr. Klein’s highest priority. The potential dangers and risks of liposuction are associated with general anesthesia, excessively large volumes of liposuction done on a single day, and combining liposuction with other unrelated procedures. Dr.Klein’s tumescent liposuction avoids all these risks factors. Dr. Klein’s patients are all fully conscious. There is no general anesthesia associated with post-operative nausea and vomiting. Patients typically return to work in one to two days and need only wear postoperative elastic support garments for one to five days after surgery. Typically, only acetaminophen (Tylenol®) is used for post-operative analgesia.

Experience has shown that Dr. Klein’s tumescent liposuction is safer than laser liposuction and ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL). Today tumescent liposuction continues to be the world’s safest and most comfortable form of liposuction with the quickest recovery and best cosmetic results. Safety is Dr. Klein top priority.


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