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Why Do I Sweat More than Other People?

Why Do I Sweat More than Other People?

If you wonder whether you sweat more than normal, you’re not alone. Nearly 5% of the world experience hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating. Fortunately, you have several options, including miraDry®, the only FDA-cleared nonsurgical treatment that employs microwave heat to eliminate underarm sweat and odor. One to two treatments are usually needed, very rarely, a patient may require a third treatment. Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein and our knowledgeable team at HK Dermatology relieve your worries with this simple one-hour treatment at our office in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Why humans sweat

All humans perspire to help cool down our bodies. However, only a small percentage of our sweat leaves through our underarms. We possess between two to four million sweat glands in a variety of spots besides underarms, including:

How much we sweat depends upon myriad factors, such as age, body size, muscle mass, and state of health. Perspiration itself is basically odorless. As bacteria on our skin mix with the sweat, it produces an odor.

Other issues may increase sweating, such as:


Drinking alcohol dilates blood vessels and increases heart rate. This tricks your body into thinking it must cool down by sweating.

Spicy foods

The capsaicin from spicy foods kicks our bodies into high gear. This raises our body temperature, triggering sweat.


Some people are simply born to sweat more than average. Those with hyperhidrosis perspire approximately four times more than normal, while people born with hypohidrosis sweat much less. This often runs in families, but can also be due to various health issues, such as diabetes, thyroid issues, and menopause, as well as certain medications.

Ride the no-sweat express with miraDry

In just an hour, Dr. Klein and our expert team relieve your underarm sweat permanently with miraDry. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. We:

  1. Administer local anesthesia
  2. Mark the skin with a temporary rub-on tattoo
  3. Apply the miraDry handpiece

The wand’s suction gently lifts the skin from your armpit area as it applies thermal heat to break down your sweat glands, which are later naturally disposed of by your body. The applicator also keeps the area cool and comfortable during your treatment.

Since we’re only reducing about 2% of your body’s sweat glands, you’ll continue to perspire in other areas. Your underarms, however, remain free of sweat and odor. You’ll experience little or no downtime following the procedure, with only minor swelling and sensitivity.

Stop sweating the small stuff

If you start perspiring much more than usual, speak to Dr. Klein. It may be a sign something’s amiss. If you’re simply ready for relief from excessive underarm sweating, we can help with microwave thermolysis via miraDry, and permanently disable undesirable sweat glands in one or two convenient treatments. To discuss this or other medical dermatological or cosmetic issues, contact Dr. Klein and HK Dermatology at 949-248-1632, or book an appointment online.

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